"Antenas" 3rd Edition . John D. Kraus McGraw Hill (2002)

Table of Contents
1 Intrduction
2 Basic Antenna Concepts
3 Point Sources
4 Arrays of Point Sources
5 The Electronic Dipole and Thin Linear Antennas
6 The Loop Antenna
7 The Helical Antenna
8 The Biconical Antenna and its Impedance
9 The Cylindricall Antenna The Moment Method (MM)
10 Self and Mutual Impedance
11 Arrays of Dipoles and of Apertures
12 Reflectors Antennas and their Feed Systems
13 Slot, Horn and Complementary Antennas
14 Lens Antennas
15 Broadband Frequency-Independent Antennas
16 Antennas for Special Applications Feeding Considerations
17 Antenna Temperature, Remote Sensing, Radar and Scattering
18 Antenna Measurements